Does Axel want something to eat?

We shouldn't let the problem rest here.

Knapper is going to cross the river.

Just give me a chance, OK?

Raif has told me about you.

I want to get home now.


You were terrible.

I'm kind of mad at myself.

Are you related to the Nagashimas?

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I didn't expect it.


I could have done it.


These days, kids no longer play in the street.

It isn't them.

Sandra seems to believe everything Edwin says.


I haven't had a night shift like that in a while.

How about singing that song for me again?

John took a walk along the river.

Would you like to get something to eat? It's on me.

Tell Herve I'll get there as soon as I can.

Either you or I am in the wrong.

The main thing is to tell the truth.

The engineer is working in France.

I'm glad that they fixed the heating system, but now it's too hot.

Why don't you tell me what happened?

I want you arrested.

Ian didn't know why his wife left him.

Did you wash up?

I am well.

Hotta is good at telling stories.

There were no customers, so we closed the shop earlier.

Russell is undecided.

Young Tanaka is the stupidest person in the department.

I think you two are going to become good friends.

Candidates whose nomination was rejected have five days to appeal.

Oh, I forgot my keys.

Please advise us as to what topic you would like to add or delete by June 12.

Now it's his turn.


The cat is reading a book.

I don't want to eat right now.

When did my sister sing that song?

Do you take me for forty? You are wide of the mark.

Boarding will be at six-forty.

Olaf drove Murray home from work.

She's going to get married to Mr. Johnson on June 4th.


Listen a minute.


This war needs to end.

I came on foot.

We used to be friends with Blaine.

That's absolute nonsense.

Unfortunately, it rained yesterday.


Now, I put this card into the hat. See?

I'm really ready for this.

Don't laugh!

Everyone started laughing at Kathleen.

The snow melted in the sun.

She loved me in the same way that I loved her.

Al, back ten words, couldn't see very well this one. Hohn, who stood closer, described it to him.

Leung waited until Charlene was out of sight.

The students walked in a single file.

"Nearly four pounds," says Bob.

Liisa phones Markku occasionally.

I made a lot of really good friends in Boston.

I need only one cat.

I wasn't complaining about that.

I don't think I'm overreacting.

I don't have much longer.

You don't seem convinced.

You're really hateful!

I ordered a chocolate sundae.


What is your earliest memory from childhood?

While you're waiting, get yourself something to eat.

How did you know this?


You're the scapegoat.

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Marcel became friends with Jarl.

Becky wants to get close to the action.

You'd better be more careful.

The sentence is senseless, but correct.

If you ever dare cross me again, you'll regret it!


The game was rained out.

I know what you're implying, and I don't like it.

I don't even care if you're handsome.

We understand the necessity of studying.

Walter wants to see a doctor as soon as possible.


You must pay attention when swimming in the sea.

I have urgent matters to attend to.

I should really get some sleep.

Common sense tells us, however, that there is no easy solution.

She speaks English, and French as well.

Clerks with sticky fingers won't keep their jobs for long.

The merchant accumulated tremendous fortune during the postwar era.


You look funny in the hat.

Deal with it.

Scot probably needs to work next weekend.

Pim will never have to worry about going hungry.

You have to ask her first.


I hate long goodbyes.

Alexis allowed Barry to go home early.

I'm a little hungry.

This box is too bulky to carry.

It was too much for her.

I have just washed the car.

I told you I didn't want any of this.

The main streets are wide and beautiful.

A bird soared above.

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Gretchen decided to upload the video he took to YouTube.

You're not allowed to leave this room.

How many are there in all?

I cannot get tired of Taninna. I love her so much.

You're not just working for Anita.

Your daughter's very attractive.

Sekar took off like a rocket. Kim disappeared in the dust cloud she left behind her.

Listen! They're playing my favorite music.

It's been three months since I met her.


We're not exactly sure what it was.

We're approximately the same weight.

I saw the cook.

Does Betty really want to know?

Let's play some cards.


She is a second-rate singer at best.

If you manage to translate this sentence without visualizing pink elephants dancing in bikinis, you win a cookie.

Paola knows where he can find me.

Squirrels move quickly.

The cave is easy to get to.

You'd better do that now.

How many islands does Indonesia have?


What could Louise mean?

Where are you guys going?

He shaves with an electric razor every morning.

What a big dog!

There's no film in this camera.

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Could you translate this for me?

It occurred to him that he should start at once.

I finally talked her into lending me the book.

John Kerry was born in Colorado in 1943.

This is a message for Clyde.

He has many foreign stamps, not to mention Japanese ones.

The whole nation mourned the hero's death.

Let's wait here.

I thought we'd be more comfortable here.

Shoes are stiff when they are new.

Joe knocked on the door and waited.

If you cannot work out the problem, you had better try a different method.

I wish I were in Boston.

I knew what you were up to.

And is your noise Gaussian?

Brazil is the land of the future.

The driver asked me which way to go.

I left too early.

Talk to Carlo.

Volcanoes spouted ash and lava.

You're my good omen.

I apologize for yesterday.

His dream finally came true.

One who tells the truth, needs a fast horse.

Daren spent some time behind enemy lines.

I think the police should enforce the laws that are on the books.

I have dry hands.

The perfume bottle has a blue cap.

We can go somewhere else if you want.

I was appalled at the sight.

"How do I look?" "You look great."

I don't remember mailing the letter.

We intended to start right away.

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I have no time to engage in gossip.

Peter made it for me.

There is a kindergarten at the other end of the street.

I don't like alcohol because it tastes bad.

Next time, I'll do it myself.

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Just do it, King.

It seems that Alice is very pleased with the suit.

She had nothing against alcohol.

Paola wants it so bad.

Brad has to get out of here before the police get here.


Presley doesn't want Florian to go to Boston without him.

He gave me a hard time.

I lost my notebook.